About Me

Hi! I’m Abby. I’m a college student at Yale University and I like to spend my time making food, eating food, and looking at pictures of food. I also do other things, I promise. Like study neuroscience, play the saxophone, fly on the trapeze, and do crossword puzzles. On this site, you can read all about my adventures in the kitchen as well as some that occur outside in the real world. Since I’m just starting this up, there may be some random posts featuring noms of yore, so forgive any travellings into the past. Feel free to contact me through the link at the top of the page with any questions/comments/jokes/etc.!


Some fun facts!
1. My favorite color is orange. My favorite foods are all orange- like sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges (kind of cheating but wutever, if your favorite color was purple it’s not like your favorite food could be purples)

2. I’m lactose intolerant…but that’s not going to stop me from posting recipes containing dairy! Nor does it stop me from consuming dairy, but that’s another issue. It’s a love/hate relationship. Which is something I never thought I’d be saying about an enzyme, but so be it.

3. I love pigs. A lot. I have a piggy bank for each type of coin, plus about 50 other little figurines and a whole farm’s worth of stuffed animals. One day, I’m going to do a complete head count (or maybe body count…some have more than one head IT’S NOT WEIRD) to see how much of a crazy cat lady I am, with “cat” being a code word for “fake pigs.”

Also, in the creation phase when this was originally just lorem ipsum (aka dummy text to fill space) my sister found cupcake ipsum which is dessert-related gibberish, hilarious when read aloud, and is a shockingly accurate description of my personality. Considered just leaving it as is for the about section, but I had to leave a paragraph just for kicks. And I may start putting “I love” at the end of all my sentences. Sounds like a good idea I love.

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet cheesecake. Sugar plum I love sugar plum toffee apple pie tootsie roll oat cake. Marzipan sesame snaps muffin. Chocolate cake lollipop jelly beans apple pie I love macaroon toffee. Gummi bears topping jujubes lollipop tart. Cake pastry carrot cake sugar plum dragée carrot cake. Jelly lollipop macaroon cookie powder liquorice wypas. Lollipop caramels cake candy pie tart I love. Jelly candy I love sesame snaps jujubes. Danish gingerbread applicake marshmallow. Tiramisu chocolate croissant donut. Oat cake fruitcake liquorice topping chocolate cake.

…teehee. Venture on, friends!